3 Foods to Reduce for Brighter Skin

We all want to have glowing skin! However, many of us are eating foods that are compromising our opportunity to have healthy and vibrant skin.

There are many factors that affect our skin’s vibrancy, but here are a few foods to try eliminating or reducing to improve your skin.

It may take a few weeks for a reduction or elimination of a food to show benefit in your skin, so be sure to be patient and really give it a solid effort before deciding!

1. Refined sugar

Refined sources of sugar, such as white sugar, brown sugar, and cane sugar, cause inflammation and insulin spikes. It is very physically addictive, which can make it challenging to quit, but it is entirely possible!

Instead, opt for healthier sweeteners like dates, bananas, or small amounts of organic dark maple syrup. Also, eat sweeter foods (even maple syrup and dates) with some veggies and protein to reduce your insulin spike from the sugar.

This might look like putting some spinach and protein powder in a smoothie that contains dates and bananas.

2.Dairy and cheese

So many people adore cheese, and it is one of their favorite foods! However, cheese as well as dairy products like milk, yogurt, and sour cream, can all contribute to acne.

It is suggested that dairy also is inflammatory and can negatively affect our hormones, leading ultimately to acne.

You can do it! Try the many vegan cheeses and sour creams out there, switch to non-dairy milks and yogurts (and we recommend also unsweetened).

While some non-dairy products do still contain sugar, reducing your diary is a good step in and of itself.

3. Greasy foods

Greasy foods, especially like what we can get from restaurants, may also trigger acne.

Whether it’s greasy pizza or fries or chicken wings, or even heavily-oiled brussels sprouts or battered cauliflower, too much fried, greasy, oily food is to be avoided.

Limit these kinds of foods to only very special occasions, and otherwise, stay away from them. Opt for healthier restaurant options, and search for items that are baked. You can always ask the waiter which dishes utilize the least amounts of oil.


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