Whether you are a health fanatic, or someone who is on the path to living out a better lifestyle here at KRUSH’D we will have something perfectly tailored to suit your lifestyle. Juicing offers a large variety of health benefits, and this article is here to inform you of everything there is to know regarding juice cleansing, and its benefits.

Juice cleansing is defined as taking in fruits and vegetable juice and sometimes known by the term “juice fast”. This is often done for 1 to 7 days. During this period, you are supposed to cut down on synthetic food items like sugar, bakery, cheese, oil, caffeine, and fast food. This period aims at cleansing your gut, intestine, and colons of the substances that may potentially harm you.

 For many days you should cleanse your body by consuming a juicy diet, dependent upon the need for your body and the kind of your daily routine diet. If the juice is already a part of your diet, you may need juice cleansing for just one or two days. But, if you are a habitual fast food eater, you may need this detox diet for a longer time.

Taking in juice makes the minerals and vitamins present in them readily accessible to the body. The liquid content of the food absorbs more quickly than the solid foods and gives a resting period to the stomach for the healing of repaired cells, and to waste out the useless substances from the colon.

You can do cleansing from the homemade fresh juice of fruits and vegetables extracted through some juicer or blender. Some cleansing plans also include few smoothies for curbing hunger and providing protein, nutrients, and fats. Some plans include vegan foods.

Juice cleansing includes restrictive usage of diet and consuming only fruit and vegetable juice, so you may be in doubt about the effect of cleansing on your body. Let’s discover together the potential benefits of juice cleansing on our bodies.

Benefits of juice cleansing:

Some of the important benefits of juice cleansing are

Improved health

Fresh juice contains minerals and vitamins. Drinking juice boosts the intake of the nutrients and anti-inflammatory substances in the body. If you already follow a good, healthy, and balanced diet plan, still through juicing you consume more of the nutrients and vitamins.

  • Taking in Citrus fruit juices like oranges, lemon grapefruit has shown a remarkable increase in the amount of vitamin C in the body, which is very essential for immunity. We are living through a pandemic when immunity is the basic requirement.
  • Taking in carrot juice regularly has shown to increase the antioxidant capacity of blood and helps to remove harmful toxins out of the blood and the body.
  • Moreover, juices also contain micronutrients that have a very good impact on regulating optimum metabolism.

If you do juice fasting, you are less exposed to anti-oxidants and less vulnerable to diseases.


Detoxification is the requirement of the body that it performs for itself continuously. But, juicing can help increase its speed. The nutrient composition of the juice provides support to the body that detoxifies the blood. Detoxification is an essential process to get rid of the harmful and waste material from our bodies. It is suggested to do detoxification by combining the juices that work synergistically.  So, the nutrient content and vitamins in juices are found to help flush out waste.


Research has shown that juices with a vegetable diet have been shown to treat inflammation. Processed food is harmful to the body due to the presence of toxic nutrients which result in inflammation. While juice cleansing, you are supposed to cut down on processed food which in terms decreases toxins in the body. Juices contain anti-inflammatory substances that treat inflammation by binding with the free radicals. Turmeric, cayenne, and ginger juice are helpful against inflammations.

Improves digestion

Fasting has been a tradition for thousands of years. It is believed to be useful for providing the digestive system with a period of relaxation. No eating, no drinking. Fasting acts as recharging that heals the broken tissues of the digestive system and gives the rest to the stomach to regulate itself to start again as a new stomach. Juicing is a process in which you not only provide rest to your stomach but also flood it with the nutrients and vitamins that are essential in maintaining health and help in the healing process.

Juice fasting has been proved to be magical for the treatment of the leaky gut syndrome.

Fresh juices contain essential enzymes that help in improving digestion.

  • Vitamin C helps the iron to absorb in the body.
  • Vitamin A helps maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Ginger accelerates the movement of vitamins from the stomach to the small intestine to prevent the symptoms of slow digestion and nausea.
  • Turmeric has been used for centuries for the health of useful bacteria in the gut and has been shown to heal gastric disorders.

Improves hydration

Fresh juices contain a remarkable portion of liquid content that hydrates the body. Moreover, juicing fast also involves the intake of a large amount of water for the efficient removal of waste from the body. This practice prevents the body from getting dehydrated.

Weight loss

Almost no intake of solid food content and being on juice fasting helps in reducing weight.  This is a bonus for the people who find it hard to consume fruit and vegetables on a regular basis.

Krush’d vitality kitchen is our restaurant in Durant. This is the only restaurant in the town that aims at selling only vegan food, and only uses fresh fruits, grains, seeds, and veggies. We offer a large variety of fresh fruit juice mixes, and also offer a Juice Feast. With our juice feast, we offer 1-5 days of fresh craft juices for clients to do cleanse. 


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