At KRUSH’D we pride ourselves in serving a fully vegan menu. A vegan diet whether you are converting to a 100% vegan diet or wanting to boost your current lifestyle has many health benefits.  If you do not know very much about a vegan diet, it can feel a bit overwhelming. The purpose of this article is to break it down for you a little more and summarize why we are so in love with vegan products.

            In this article, we are going to give you a quick crash-course in veganism, from what it is to how it can help you. 

What is veganism?

            Veganism is the practice of taking on a certain diet and lifestyle which excludes eating or using any products which are derived from animals. That sounds like a lot of jargon, so let us break it down to the two main categories that things fall into – diet and consumer products.

            In terms of diet, a vegan will not consume any food which has come from an animal. This ranges from meats like pork or beef to products that involve an animal in their production, like many chewy sweets, which are derived from animal-based gelatin.

The difference between a vegan diet and a vegetarian diet is that a vegan will not eat any animal products whatsoever, including milk, cheese, and eggs, while a vegetarian would. This means that on our fully vegan menu, we serve no animal products, and use no animal-derived ingredients, whatsoever.

That is the core meaning of veganism, but there are also people who take the ‘no animal products’ mentality and apply it to their whole life. This would mean, for example, not buying clothes made from leather or wool as those are animal-derived products.

There are several reasons that people may choose to be vegan, from health to environmental. However, the vast number of vegans choose that lifestyle because it can have several positive impacts on your health. We are going to discuss a couple of those below.

A different diet leads to a greater increase of certain nutrients.

            This one is an obvious one when you think about it, though it is so obvious that people might not even consider it as an option.

            If you have a standard diet, you will be consuming a set amount of, say, potassium, in each day. However, if a greater level of potassium is needed for your well-being, then you might adapt your diet with that in mind.

            Taking that theory and expanding it to fit your whole diet is the principle behind several people’s switch to veganism. People may identify that several poor things in their diet come from meat and that they could benefit from adapting their diet to eat less, or none, of it. Therefore, they might make the switch to a fully vegan diet. A vegan diet can lower blood sugar levels and improve kidney function.

            In recent times, people have been taking a more concerted look at their health, and several people may have noticed that they are developing type 2 diabetes. After that, problems with kidney function may develop, though this is not always the case. While there are a few causes for both problems, there may be a single solution for them both.

            If caught at the right time, a vegan diet can help greatly with both of those issues. In general, vegans tend to have lower blood sugar levels, higher insulin sensitivity, and a much lesser risk of developing type 2 diabetes. There have even been a few studies that have shown that overall blood sugar level has been reduced most notably by a vegan diet, more so, in fact, than the recommended diets of a few health-focused organizations.

            There have been a few studies that are focused on this phenomenon, and they have all come to similar conclusions: a vegan diet can be extremely beneficial for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, studies have shown that diabetics who substitute meat for plant protein may reduce their risk of poor kidney function – a medical issue known to develop after living with diabetes for an extended period.

            As much as we know that a vegan diet might not be for everyone, we genuinely believe in the positive power that veganism can have on people’s lives. Curious about veganism? Come down to our restaurant and we will be happy to serve you some delicious vegan food.


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