What part of the day is best to drink green juice?

What is the best part of the day to drink green juice?

Answer: Anytime that works for you!

The overarching answer to this question is, there is no bad time of the day to drink green juice. No matter what time of day it is, you will get benefits from green juice, including an alkalizing effect, flooding your body with vitamins and phytonutrients, and hydrating your cells.

So even if the most convenient time for you is right before bedtime, or after you’ve had a donut, it is always worth it to drink juice!

With all that said, here are a few timing strategies for drinking green juice that you might want to try out, to see what you like best:

  1. Green juice first thing in the morning

Having green juice as part of your breakfast, or even prior to it, is a fantastic way to kick off your day.

The alkalinity of green juice, as well as the nutrients present, can have an effect of energizing you for the day ahead and helping you to feel mentally clear and focused. Also, green juice first thing in the morning can alter your physical cravings towards healthier foods and drinks for the rest of the day. After we sleep, when we wake up our bodies are somewhat dehydrated, and so having green juice will get high-quality water back into your body in the form of juice. 

Green juice in the morning is an awesome way to kick off your day towards healthier habits!

  • Green juice during the afternoon slump

Many people experience the afternoon slump somewhere between 2:00pm and 4:00pm, where their mental focus wains, they feel tired and lethargic and uninspired.

During this time many of us opt for caffeine and/or eating something with refined carbohydrates and sugar to try to get some energy. We usually do not make healthy choices in the afternoon slump, and this daily or weekly habit can seriously affect our health over time.

Another strategy is to have a green juice at this very time you feel that afternoon slump. Similarly to having it the morning, it can help to energize you and to get your mental focus back. 

When we use stimulants or sugar or refined carbohydrates to get energy in the afternoon, it can temporarily work, but will lead to another crash later. Green juice, on the other hand, will help your energy and mental focus without contributing to a crash.

  • Green juice as part of dinner

By having green juice just prior to or with your dinner, you can set yourself up for success in the evening. 

Green juice has a powerful effect in changing your physical cravings towards healthier options and provides a deep level of satisfaction. After having green juice, many people find that their body feels very satisfied and nourished and this means they may not feel the need to snack after dinner or to have a lot of sweet things after dinner.

So, if you struggle with nighttime eating and snacking after dinner, or tend to eat way too much at dinner, having green juice at this time can really help to improve your impulses.

The bottom line is, no matter when you have green juice, and no matter what else you eat during the day and whether it is healthy or not, you will have benefit to having green juice. So, the best time for green juice is the time can get it and drink it!

However, you can try out these strategies to see which one might support your health goals the best.


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